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Beliefs and Bee-Attitudes



Here’s what I offer you…


I believe you enjoy life more when you’re healthy.

I believe food is the best step toward prevention of disease.

I believe eating is a spiritual practice.

I believe healthy food is delicious food.

I believe in providing time-tested nutritional strategies rather than pushing the latest fad.

I believe your story is unique and needs to be celebrated.

I believe being present is a gift to yourself.

I believe offering thanks for a meal enhances both the flavor and the fuel.

I believe that healing begins when we begin to believe.


I believe in order to serve ourselves and others well, we must first be well . . . Bee well. Serve well.

beliefs #1

Bee – Attitudes 

Here’s what I ask of you…


Be willing . . . to explore, to experiment, to elevate your life

Be kind . . . to yourself, to those around you, to the gift of Mother Earth and the gift of grace in all

Be curious . . . about the possibilities

Be patient . . . it’s a practice not a ‘perfect’ . . . another gift of grace

Be present . . .

beliefs #2

Be. It’s a small word but a tall order. It’s easier to do when we feel we belong. . . . . Perhaps you’ll join me. Together we will be more of what we were created to be. . . .

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