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Hi, I’m Deborah Garrard, Certified Psychology of Eating Coach. I’m not selling a product, representing a brand or pushing the latest trend. Through the Dynamics of Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition Principles, I will help you achieve lasting goals renewing energy, strength and joy in your life.

This is me . . .

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Person of faith. Reader. Dreamer. Cyclist. Writer. Swimmer. Gardener. Friend. Student. Singer. Coach. Seeker. These are me, and I am more . . . just like you.

Grateful. Strong. Dedicated. Reliable. Loyal. Caring. Creative. Giving. Thoughtful. Funny. Grateful again.

Deep and wide, at least I hope to be.

My deep desire is to create a wide path that calls to you and takes us both to a place neither of us has yet to be. A place beyond.

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