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pause to emPower

“such a blessing”  “a very, very special day”  “a beautiful retreat”

~2022 retreat participants


As we retreat together,
we explore:

  • the Power of Sabbath: morning meditation

  • the Power of Movement and being Blessed: gentle movement, all levels

  • the Power of Story: stories of healing and hope around the table

  • the Power of Food: a shared meal by the lake

  • the Power of Nature: walk in the woodland, sit in silence

  • the Power of Pause: conversations on time, pause, and presence

“a much-needed self-reflective pause;
beautiful scenery, atmosphere, and people”

~2022 retreat participant


"In the busy world we live in, we spend so much of our time with things that are of no value to our spirit or health. It is a blessing to set aside the time and attention to something truly meaningful . . . our spirit and our mental and physical health. Thank you for providing the opportunity to reach beyond what is routine and comfortable to identify thoughts and feelings that are drowned out by the noise of the world."

~2023 retreat participant


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