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“It is also a victory to know when to retreat.”  ~Erno Paasilinna


To retreat is to step away from our routines and explore a new rhythm for our lives. We invite you to do that with two retreat offerings.

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a day retreat

Relax, reflect, renew your mind, body, and spirit with the healing Power of Pause.

Step away from your inbox and the energy drains for your daily life. Step into a day prepared just for you.


Together we will explore:

  • the Power of Pause: lessons and reflections on hitting the “pause” button

  • the Power of Movement: a gentle yoga or stretch class under the open sky and trees

  • the Power of Sound: led by a skilled sound therapist

  • the Power of Food: share a delicious lunch by the lake or hearthside

  • the Power of Nature: a woodland walk or hike 

  • the Power of Presence: be empowered as you sit in silent reflection


a day retreat

This day is designed for faith leaders, clergy, and lay persons seeking to gain practical guidance towards health in a spiritually grounded way.

Are you quick to care for others while neglecting your own self-care? What if the key to your overall health and wellbeing is lodged in the scriptures you read each day, the scriptures where you found your calling?

Unplug from the pressures of your usual routine and join us in community as together we explore these questions and focus on what matters; your wellbeing and your own experience of Metanoia.


Metanoia matters. You do, too. 


Metanoia, from the Greek, metanoiein: to change one’s mind

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Connect with us to schedule a day retreat for your organization, peer group, or colleagues.

Your call will be a victory in retreat. Day retreat location and pricing will be determined by number of participants, your location and proximity to various selected sites.


NOTE: Each October, the be(e) well serve well team hosts an annual pause to emPower day retreat in the mountains of North Georgia. This day retreat is open to the public.

learn in community

Come to the Table

Come to the Table is a series of in-person workshops led by certified Mind-Body-Spirit Eating Coach and Whole Food, Plant-based Nutritionist, Deborah Garrard, and designed to nourish a new level of surrender and spiritual practice. 

Seek. Share. Serve.

Food for Thought

Food for Thought is a series of talks offering...

  • Ideas that make you scratch your head

  • Ideas that turn on a lightbulb in your head and in your heart

  • Ideas that offer information that leads to transformation

Connect with us to schedule a series of workshops or talks for your community.

learn online


Wellness Wednesdays

. . . a weekly online gathering offered through convenient pre-recorded learning modules. Join us, learn with us, and heal with us. 


Special note: Wellness Wednesdays are offered with the option of selecting how much you want to pay. We believe people are honest and will support our offerings with whatever they can afford. Whatever you pay, you will receive the same course as everyone else. We hope this option encourages broader participation, learning, and of course, health.

1. Talk to the Turtle

A 5-session series in which participants will discover their personal ON/OFF switch to speed up metabolism and fire up a new level of wellness and awareness. Hint: it might take a bit of slowing down. (Talk to the Turtle!)  Each session is approximately 50 minutes in length.

Session Times:  Choose the time most convenient for you. Once you register, each Wednesday for five weeks, you will receive a link to a pre-recorded session to watch as your schedule allows.

Session Cost:  Choose the amount you pay: $325, $225 (recommended), or $125. Includes all sessions.

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2. Healing Starts Here


Your planet. Your plate. In this 75-minute pre-recorded learning module, we explore how something we do every day can impact our own healing and the healing of the planet. Together, we answer the question: what if healing the planet starts with our fork? 

Session Times:  Register and receive the pre-recorded learning module plus exploration guide and recipes.

Session Cost:  Choose the amount you pay: $125, $100 (recommended), or $75. 

Our Executive Director, Deborah Garrard, offers nutritional coaching as well as insights related to healing in relationship to food and health.

As a Whole Food, Plant-based Nutritionist and Mind-Body-Spirit Eating Coach, Deborah can help you answers questions like:

  • How did we develop a particular lifestyle related to food and health?

  • Why do we think about health in the way we do?

  • What holds us back from shifting to a healthier lifestyle?

  • What are our ego-driven attachments and how can they be healed?

  • What outside influences impact our answers?

Coaching takes place in relationship and over time. Coaching is a blend of dialogue, respectful inquiry, listening, guiding, experimentation and well-chosen action steps.  The coach and client work together to properly evaluate the client needs, to adjust goals when necessary, and to provide tools of empowerment for nourishment and growth.



Consulting is the perfect option for those seeking answers to particular questions or guidance with a specific concern. Consulting is often a short-term process in which client and professional explore an area of interest or concern for 2-3 sessions. 


Both Coaching and Consulting are offered online, via Zoom, and in a setting of trust and confidence.

Ultimately both Coaching and Consulting are about the client and, as such, are dependent upon both the client’s commitment to work and an acceptance of responsibility for using the guidance provided to the best of the client’s abilities.  

If you are interested or have questions about Coaching or Consulting, please connect with us to schedule a free 15 minute exploration conversation.

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