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why nonprofit?

It’s really quite simple. As a nonprofit, we are able to help more people step into more healing. Through partnerships, grant-funding and tax-deductible donations, we are able to offer healing transformation to program participants at a fraction of the actual cost and if necessary, at no cost at all. 

As a nonprofit, we are also able to invite you to participate with us, through your own healing transformation and by giving the gift of healing transformation to others. Give here.

our vision & values

we are committed to educating and empowering the overall wellbeing of the servant leaders and educators who lead our communities.


We see those who serve in our communities being well and whole in mind, body, emotions, and spirit, practicing a lasting healthy lifestyle.


We believe each of us is here, on this planet, to serve each other and our communities and that we cannot serve well without first being well.


We see strong leaders creating strong communities and leading the way for those they serve to likewise live conscious and lasting healthy lifestyles.


We engage in listening conversations with the target populations we seek to serve in an effort to meet their wellness needs without being tone-deaf to the challenges they face in their individual and collective lives.


We see a culture that is no longer well-adjusted to a sick society but rather dedicated to a conscious, vibrant, energetic society serving the needs of our communities.


We promote and embody a mindful, conscious lifestyle that seeks natural remedies to health concerns and fosters skillful choices to address health needs.

our founder

Deborah Garrard

Deborah Garrard grew up with a passion to serve others. Her parents instilled in her the value of stewardship. “To whom much is given, much is required.” (Luke 12:48)


Sadly, her parents, both servant leaders, died in their mid-60s, leaving behind meaningful work they loved and precious people they served. Deborah founded
be(e) well serve well because of them.

And, she founded it because of you. When your work is focused on caring for others, self-care seems selfish. It’s not. Self-care is a sacred act of stewardship.

Whatever the call on your life, we want you to be well and serve well far longer than her parents. Our mission is to help you and others do just that.


With a background in theological studies, Deborah is also trained in holistic wellness approaches including Mind-Body-Spirit Eating through the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and Whole Food, and Plant-based Nutrition through the Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University.


In Deborah’s own words . . . 

I’m not selling a product, representing a brand or pushing the latest trend. To me, health is wholeness. It’s not about the right food or a right-sized body. It’s about real people – like you and me! – living real lives, eating real food and learning to live through the real challenges life brings that threaten our health, our joy, and our call to serve. It’s about changing the way we think about all this and more.
I invite you and those who lead in the communities where you live to lean into a life where being mindful is your default setting, eating is spiritual practice, and serving others is an organic result of your own healing.
I hope you’ll join me and our team in whatever way is best for you. We need you. We need each other.
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P.S. Why be(e)? In Hebrew, Deborah means "worker bee." It's as simple as that!


We are glad and grateful for the opportunity to partner with other innovative organizations doing good work in our world. In doing so we are able to support the wellbeing of those who serve in these organizations while also expanding the reach of both entities.


A partnership with the Church Benefits Board is in the planning stages. The Church Benefits Board is a resource that seeks to transform the financial health of faith leaders, equipping them to better serve their congregations and communities. Together, it is our hope to offer Sabbath Days designed to inform and inspire the overall wellbeing of these faith leaders - mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Our target launch date is 2024.

meet our board of directors

We are seeking new board members to help fulfill our mission. Are you willing to offer your energy, resources and service to our growing organization? If you believe in self-care as the strength that fuels our ability to serve, it may be time for you to get "on board" with us. We hope so. Learn more about how to join the board here.

As always, I appreciate your generosity and insights. You are a truth healer. I always feel enlightened about what is really going on and feel encouraged when I meet with you. Thank you for being a great coach.

Phil Wahl

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