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be(e) well serve well is a nonprofit wellness initiative. 



We're glad you're here!  Our mission is to educate and empower the overall wellbeing of those who serve in our communities.  We believe there’s a health crisis in our communities, and more specifically, among our leaders.  We believe each of us is here to serve and we simply can’t do that if we’re not well. 

Together, let's...  explore.  surrender.  heal.

you deserve to be healthy and whole.

So often, the very people most called to service of others are the first to neglect their own health.  Whatever the call on your life, we want you to be well and serve well — and we believe that we can help you do just that!

Wholeness is about real people living real lives, eating real food, and learning to live through the real challenges that threaten our health, our joy, and our call to serve.  It’s about transformation and changing the way we think.  Through retreats, coaching, and online offerings, we invite you to lean into a life where being mindful is your default setting, eating is spiritual practice, and serving others is an organic result of your own healing.

services we provide include:

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To pause is such a welcoming act. Thank you for the time to draw within myself, to rest & reflect, to heal.


Working with Deborah has been one of the most eye-opening and intriguing experiences. She is fully invested in her work, and it is a gift to learn from her and with her.


A much-needed self--reflective pause. Beautiful scenery, atmosphere, and people.
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