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perfect love casts out fear

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

“Fear is the cheapest seat in the house. I’d like you in better living conditions.” ~Hafiz

Let’s talk about the “F” word. No! not that “F” word. This “F” word: Fear. The fear that has found so many, perhaps even you, cowering on the couch these past few years. We’ve pulled the curtains. Closed the blinds. Covered ourselves with cushions and comfort food. Even if we’re out and about again, we’re tenuous and timid, and honestly, we’re tired. I want you in better living conditions. Caution is wise. Concern is kind. Fear paralyzes us, and while there may be times when it is warranted, fear makes it nearly impossible to see the possibilities that exist with each new day. There are so many. Fear is illusion. Fear is based on what might happen and what might never happen. Fear takes us away from being present and feeling peace in the here and now. When we find our way to “here and now” we find our way to peace, and peace is the complete absence of fear. Fear isn’t going to dissolve before we take action. Fear dissolves AS we take action. We live in a world that surrounds us with fear-based messaging, so much so that some have become desensitized to the messages. Listen one day. Pay attention to the messages: the pandemic, terrorism, the climate crisis, the “other” in whatever form they take, be it politics, personal choice, ethnicity, or religion. We rally with resistance, and yet, what we resist will persist. Ironically (or not) fear is harmful to our health on a cellular level.

“Some scientists have observed that constant anger and fear eat away at our immune system, whereas a calm mind strengthens it.” ~ Dalai Lama

As author Debra Engle puts it, “fear is pervasive, like a cancer that’s gotten into our bones.” How do we get it out?

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” ~ Wayne Dyer

The fears we face don’t go away. We simply experience them differently. Back to Debra Engle: “the real miracle is the change in our minds that makes it possible for us to live a life of joy and peace rather than one of struggle and internal chaos.”

Might we let this challenge change us? Might we learn from uncertainty, move past our fear, and offer compassion to one who is concerned? Might we breathe through anxiety and let go of waiting for some unknown something to save the day? Might we choose instead to be changed in the “here and now”? Might we be grateful for the chance to step from fear to faith? We cannot be grateful and fearful at the same time. It’s not possible. Let’s lean into the possible and take action.

  • Let’s boost our immunity by eating real, whole fresh foods.

  • Let’s boost our overall health by drinking more water.

  • Let’s boost our minds by taking a walk.

  • Let’s boost our emotions by unplugging.

  • Let’s boost our spirits by giving thanks.

Let’s come away from our couches, and skip the cheap seat of fear. Let’s lean into Love for ourselves and others. For as the Judeo-Christian scriptures remind us, “Perfect Love casts out fear.” ~1 John 4:18

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