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walk with your whole body and mind

When springtime arrives, it’s time! Time to step outside and take a walk. I am a walker. You are, too. It’s how we get where we’re going.

Every step is a step.

The question is, where are we going? And more important, where do we want to go? The truth is, if we don’t know where we’re going, we’ll probably end up somewhere else, or worse, we’ll just keep going round and round in circles. Our health is no different.

Every step is a step.

...either towards wellness or illness. Ask yourself, will this step nourish or deplete me? Will this choice energize or burden my body?

Perhaps your first step is to eat breakfast each morning for the first time since your parents made you eat breakfast before heading off to school each day. You fed your dog. Did you feed yourself? Perhaps you choose to only take one serving and smaller portions at that. Perhaps you step outside after dinner, saying “no” to Netflix and “yes” to the evening birdsong. Perhaps you turn off technology a little earlier each night allowing your body to easily receive rest, repair, and restoration.

Every step is a step.

Granted, sometimes it feels more like two steps forward, three steps back. That’s the time for the most important step of all: Grace.

Grace towards ourselves. Grace towards one another.

And as we learn to walk, we soon want to run. Almost tripping over ourselves with joy and gratitude for renewed energy, we run towards healing and hope. We run towards helping others heal. Being well and serving well. Every step is a step. Allow space for healing to tiptoe forward. It’s time!

“Walk with your whole body and mind. When we’re fully aware of the wonder of walking on Earth, each step nourishes and heals.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh, How to Walk
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