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the things that weigh us down

"If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down." ~Toni Morrison

Easy come. Easy go. I wonder. Most of the things that weigh us down come easily. They become a part of our lives often without notice. Letting them go. That’s another story. Myriad things weigh us down. Our phones. Our friends. Our failures. Our fears. Guilt and shame from the past. Anxiety for the future. Uncertainty in the present. Harmful foods. Heavy foods. Harmful relationships. The weight of family friction. The weight of unfulfilling work. Increased costs at every turn. Increased stress with every step. And we’re too “busy” to believe we have a choice. We do. Winter need not be the season of our discontent. This interior time is ideal for going inside, for vetting out the essential from the nonessential and asking, “what is weighing me down?” Give up everything that weighs you down. Technology time-robbers weighing you down? Phone scrolling. Web surfing. Spirit searching. Put the phone down. Mute the email notifications. All that can wait. Your spirit can’t. Your spirit longs to fly. Food attachments weighing you down? Literally? Take a trip to the market. Spend all your time and money in the produce section. Just this once. Leave the processed and packaged behind. Just this once. Eat fresh, whole, real food. Just this once. See if you don’t feel lighter with more energy to fly. Give up everything that weighs you down.

Explore. Surrender. Heal.

Relationships weighing you down? Have that tough talk with your colleague, your friend, your family member.

“I once asked a bird, ‘How is it you fly in this gravity of darkness?’ The bird answered, ‘Love lifts me.’

Speak your truth, always with Love. Love for yourself and for the other person. You will find yourself lighter, free to fly. They will, too. More often than not, it is the way we think that weighs us down. Diabetes. Cancer. Heart disease. Colitis. Alzheimer’s. Incurable. Are they? It’s genetic. It’s inevitable. Is it?

“The vast majority of our thoughts are negative, and the vast majority of them, well over 90%, are repetitive.” ~Deepak Chopra

Turn off the news. Turn on the music. Move. Dance. Fly. Give up everything that weighs you down. The voices in our heads are hard to silence, heavy to hear and hold.

“Every cell is eavesdropping on our thoughts.” ~Deepak Chopra

The voices are harmful. The voices weigh us down.

I’m not. I can’t. I won’t. Give up. Let go. Release. Repeat: I AM. I CAN. I WILL.

Not theory or pretty words. Practice. One release, then another, and another until at last you are truly free to FLY! Lighter days. More joyful. Better nights. More restful. It comes down to this:

Are we willing to let go of anything and everything that weighs us down? Easy come. Easy go. I wonder.

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